VIRAL: Safety goes for a toss as pillion rider prefers paper bag over traditional helmet in Bangalore

If you’re an Indian, chances are you’re aware of the desi word ‘jugaad’. It basically means a quick fix to a problem. Well, a pillion rider in Bangalore went to some length to find his ‘jugaad’.

The picture shared on social media. Photo Courtesy:

As per a photo, which has since gone viral on the Internet, the said rider is seen covering his head with a paper bag. Yes, you read that right!

The paper bag was the man’s choice as a replacement for a conventional helmet.

While people have been seen getting creative with their head protective gear over the years, this one seems to be taking the cake.

The image was shared online by X user @3rdEyeDude. As per the account description, the user is a YouTuber. “I capture stupid drivers on my GoPro and submit videos to Bengaluru Traffic Police.”

Sharing the image on November 12, the user captioned it as: “Helmet, what’s that? [不] [不] [不] “

Needless to say, the post received traction.

The account’s followers were also creative with the insults as they tried to ‘look at the alternatives’.

“He is testing the AI cameras  [] ,” wrote one user.

Another said, “A unique use case of Kanti Sweets cover…. Even the cover manufacturers wouldn’t have thought off! Happy Diwali.”

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