VIRAL: Safety goes for a toss as parents ride scooter with child standing on pillion footrest in Bangalore

A couple in India’s IT capital, Bangalore, is facing flak online after their reckless behaviour went viral. As per the video, the couple was seen ditching the helmet while riding a scooter. If that wasn’t enough, their young son, also helmetless, stood on the pillion footrest while the trio rode through traffic.

The couple's reckless act was caught on camera. Photo: Screengrab from the video
The reckless act was caught on camera. Photo: Screengrab from the video

As per the country’s law, anyone above four years of age will have to wear a helmet with the straps secured while riding or pillion riding. If it’s not followed, the failure can attract penalties from law enforcement.

As per reports, the incident took place in the Whitefield area of the Garden City.

The incident came to light after an X user shared the video on Tuesday. The post was accompanied by a warning: “Don’t do this. One small stone or a minor dip in the road is enough to cause irreversible harm that you will not want to face. And if the child wants a thrill ride, be the parent you are, and need to be.”


One X user commented on the lack of safety followed by the parents. “This is very dangerous. The side foot rest on scooters is not strong enough to take the weight,” the comment read.

Another called for the termination of the rider’s license. “The owner of scooter license to be cancelled, hefty fine and confiscation of scooter to be done by RTO,” the user said.

A third user said, “Horrible woman😳.”