VIRAL: Rodent feasts on fritters inside government hospital canteen in Chennai

Look away if you are afraid of rats! But officials didn’t, and they acted swiftly in sealing a canteen inside a government-run hospital in Tamil Nadu. The incident, which involves rodents, took place at the Stanley Medical College and Hospital in Chennai, the state capital recently.

The rodent was filmed enjoying a treat. Image Courtesy: Screengrab from X.

As per a video, which was uploaded on the Internet on November 14, a rat was seen feasting inside the canteen.

Sharing the clip, journalist Nidharshana Raju reported that the facility was locked by the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

As per reports, officials directed the canteen manager to clean the place thoroughly before resuming services.

FSSAI official P Sateesh Kumar told The News Minute that the place was ” in the worst possible condition”. He told the outlet that drainage water had accumulated in the wash area, which was near where the food was prepared.

Visuals showed the rodent munching on fritters.

Surprisingly, no legal action was taken against the contractor, reports stated.

Sateesh said that following a revamp, the canteen will be allowed to open and run operations.

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