VIRAL: Man’s reckless firecrackers act leaves others running for their lives

We are often warned about the hazards while using firecrackers. However, the memo, it seems, didn’t reach a man, who has now gone viral for purportedly drunk dancing with a box of firecrackers over his hand.

Man tried to ramp up his celebration, sending safety for a toss. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal
Safety went for a toss as this man tried to ramp up his celebration. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

The clip showed a group of men dancing at a social gathering, when one of them tried to up the ante by lifting a box of firecrackers and placing it over his head, as if it was a mere prop to accompany his dance steps.

Seconds into the video, the man was seen dancing with the box and showcasing his steps to others. Sparks flew from the container and dramatically fell to the ground. This didn’t distract him from grooving on the road as he was seen continuing his unusual celebration with no worry about safety.

The festive mood, however, turned into mayhem as one of the projectiles came back to hit the man on his neck. Soon, he dropped the box, resulting in the projectiles- which till this point was heading skywards- to fly horizontally. This led others to run helter-skelter for their lives while trying to evade the fire-laden crackers, causing a chaos.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media, has attracted over 162k views and scores of comments. While some people called it a daredevil act, others were less kind while describing the reckless stunt.

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