VIRAL: Man with Down syndrome surprises girlfriend with marriage proposal in North Carolina

A woman was in for a huge surprise as her boyfriend went down on one knee during a photoshoot. The incident took place recently in the US’ North Carolina state.

The couple hugged and sealed it with a kiss! Photo Courtesy: Screengrab from Instagram.

As per a post on Instagram, the proposal took place at the GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh, a non-profit organisation that provides support for people with Down syndrome.

The video, which was posted on the Instagram page of the organisation on November 9, captioned the post as: “A Magical Moment at GiGi’s Leadership Conference 2023!”

The clip, which has since been liked by 790,140 users, showed the couple- identified as Matthew Schwab Speaks and Lucia Maria Romano- posing for photographs.

While they pose, the man reaches for his pocket and pulls out a box as he confesses. Well, it didn’t take long for the woman to say yes as they completed the formalities and sealed it with a kiss!

Matthew Schwab Speaks is a motivational speaker and ambassador for the organisation.

Meanwhile, the video struck a chord with the users.

Ashlee Allen commented: “Why is does that extra chromosome make people so incredibly sweet and genuine? How does this work!?”

Another user, Logan Sellman, stated her connection with the man and introduced herself as a school friend of Matthew Schwab Speaks. “Omg he went to high school with me!! Sweetest person, he was the life of that high school. Congratulations Matthew!!!” her comment read.

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