VIRAL: Friends separated during India-Pakistan partition reunite, hug each other

Going through photo albums and old videos takes us into a jog down memory lane and rekindles the fond moments of the past. Recently, a granddaughter shared a throwback video showing how she saw her grandpa and his childhood friend meet and hug each other adorably. Separated during the India-Pakistan partition in 1947, the duo didn’t let their friendship cut off. They greeted each other in late 2023 on the birthday of one of them, making the day even more special.

The two friends first reunited after 35 years in the 80s. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal
The two friends first reunited after 35 years in 1982. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

The video opened by showing the granddaughter happily taking the viewers through the elderly people’s meeting that took place in the US, which marked one of their get-togethers, after they first reunited 35 years in 1982. Interestingly, they are believed to be meeting again in 2024 to celebrate the Indian man’s 90th birthday in New Jersey this April.

Reflecting on the bond the elderly friends shared, the woman wrote, “Despite the passage of time, the constraints of old age, and travel restrictions, my grandfather longed to reconnect with one of his dearest and oldest childhood friends, whom he had not seen in decades. Both grew up in Deesa, Gujarat, which is just a few hours from the Pakistani border.”

Furthermore, she noted that her grandpa’s childhood friend fled by boat with his family in the middle of October night to newly formed Pakistan, while his grandfather was studying in Bombay, only to learn later that his dearest friend had left the place. “They had no communication from 1948 to 1982 until a chance encounter with a mutual friend in New York led them back to each other,” she said captioning her Instagram reel.

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