Video: How Indians found their place under the American sun

United States America – the land of freedom, liberty and full of opportunities is one of the countries – Indians have found a firm footing in and continue to flourish.

A recently released book, ‘The other one percent: Indians in America’ by Devesh Kapur, Professor of Political Science at University of Pennsylvania, brings out the fact that Indians account for one per cent of the American population and how they have grown to become a socio-economic force in the US. The book is considered as the first comprehensive data driven account of community’s growth in America.

Early immigrants created ripples in the world of medicine, academia, finance and research. The second-generation Indians have pushed the boundaries even more by claiming top positions in professions like law, politics, arts, music and media. 

Ami Bera, Nikki Haley, Kamala Harris are making big moves in the political corridors of USA. Series of ten films produced in 2014 by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India on the successes of Indian Diaspora have resurfaced. Tweeted by the organising team of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2017, garnering likes and retweets.

'Bridging Worlds: The Story of Indians in the United States of America; A Place in The Sun' is part of the series.