US: Shootout over allegedly stolen car leaves four injured in Birmingham city

A shootout on the busy Interstate 59 in the Birmingham region of the US state of Alabama on Friday (November 10, 2023) left at least four people wounded.

Four people injured during shootout on highway in Birmingham city of US. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

A woman, who is considered a person of interest, is in custody, police told ABC News.

According to police, the incident occurred southbound on Interstate 59 at the 20th Street Ensley exit around 4:40 p.m. local time.

Birmingham Officer Truman Fitzgerald told ABC News the shooting is believed to have stemmed from a confrontation over an allegedly stolen vehicle.

“We believe that a group of individuals saw their stolen vehicle, or alleged stolen vehicle, and they began following that vehicle,” Fitzgerald said.

“This party sees their possible stolen vehicle and they took it upon themselves to confront this group. A shootout ensued between both groups,” he said.
The four shooting victims are considered suspects, Fitzgerald said.