US Consulate hosts ‘Special Saturday’ visa interviews for over 250 visitor applicants in Kolkata

U.S. Consulate Kolkata’s hosts 'Special Saturday' visa interviews for over 250 visitor applicants.
U.S. Consulate Kolkata’s hosts ‘Special Saturday’ visa interviews for over 250 visitor applicants. Photo Courtesy: PR Team

The US Consulate General Kolkata on Saturday (March 16, 2024) opened its doors to interview over 250 visitor visa applicants. 

This was the first of the four “Super Saturday” visa processing events planned in 2024. 

The US Embassy in New Delhi and US Consulate Mumbai opened their doors on March 9 for similar special visa processing hours. 

US Ambassador Eric Garcetti said, “The foundation of our U.S.-India partnership is the network of relationships that individuals form when they work, travel, and study in the United States. We’re doing everything we can to facilitate the visa process and support critical people-to-people connections. The U.S. Mission in India has increased staffing and harnessed technological innovations to meet the unprecedented demand and process more visas than ever before.”

In 2023, the US Embassy and Consulates in India processed a record-smashing 1.4 million visas.  

Demand across all visa classes was unprecedented, with a 60 percent increase in applications compared to 2022.  

Indians now represent one out of every ten US visa applicants around the world.