US: 12-year-old teen allegedly commits suicide after facing relentless bullying

US school student commits suicide amid relentless bullying.
US teen commits suicide after facing relentless bullying in school. Photo Courtesy: Oli London X page

A 12-year-old girl allegedly committed suicide after she was bullied for a year at a school in the USA, media reports said.

Her family members blamed the Clark County School District in Las Vegas for failing to protect their children from bullies.

The deceased teen was identified as Flora Martinez.

She allegedly ended her life on May 7.

“I feel like the school had a duty to keep her safe, while she was in their care and they just failed miserably,” her mother Alice Martinez told 8NewsNow.

The deceased teenage schoolgirl’s parents described her as full of life, empathetic, and an artist who loved ice cream and seafood.

Parents claimed they noticed a change in her after she began sixth grade at Keller Middle School in August of last year.

“This wasn’t just one incident that happened, and you know, she decided to take her life. This was months and months and months of bullying that built up, and finally, she just couldn’t take it no more,” Joshua Parker, Flora’s father, told 8NewsNow.

“Look how hard it was on my daughter. My daughter was literally bullied to death,” Martinez said.

Her parents said the girl had approached Keller Middle School’s assistant principal over the issue.

Martinez told 8NewsNow she submitted paperwork for a transfer out of Keller. But according to a letter, CCSD denied that request on Oct. 6, 2023

“At that point, I already had her out of school for two weeks because of all the incidents. Just that short amount of time into the school year,” Martinez said.

The parents said bullying intensified after she went back to school.