A round-up of how Indian missions across the world are helping NRIs and diaspora amid the COVID-19 spread

As the world grapples with the outbreak of COVID-19, Indian missions across the world are stepping in to help NRIs, Indian diaspora and Indians stranded abroad as well as take steps to help curb the spread of the virus. Here is Connected to India's round-up of news and updates from Indian high commissions and embassies from across the globe amid the COVID-19 spread:

The Indian embassy in New Zealand has shared that it will work with a skeletal staff who will work remotely from home as a COVID-19 precaution. 

The High Commisssion of India in Wellington tweeted this while asking people to stay at home and stay safe. 

The Indian consulate in Kazhakstan reached out to Indian students who are stuck in Kazhakstan due to travel restrictions through a series of tweets. 

The Indian embassy in Philippines responded to a tweet concerning a student who was stuck in the country, assuring the availability of food. 

The Indian High Commission in Mauritius assured Indian students and interns at SSR and Anna Medical Colleges to assure them that the supply of food is plenty. 

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