UK Indian-origin Minister Priti Patel sends Independence Day greetings to Indians, diaspora

UK Member of Parliament Priti Patel, one of 12 Indian-origin MPs, who is currently secretary of state for international development, shared Independence Day greetings with the Indian diaspora in the UK and Indians across the world.

Priti Patel.
Priti Patel. Photo Courtesy: UK Gov

"As India celebrates its 70th year of independence, it can be proud of the remarkable developments driven by the incredible passion and spirit of its people. India has grown into the world's largest democracy, engaging people across the country in great political debate and securing India's place as a global leader in the 21st Century. Britain will continue to stand with India and support it to fulfil its potential as a leading world power," Patel said.

"From investment and trade to academia and culture, the UK and India are more connected that ever before. Our powerful people to people ties are unparalleled among any other nation and the unity we show is a sign of our strength and an example for others to admire. We have a shared history and as Britain leaves the European Union and sets itself on a new course, we will share a great future with India," Patel said.

She said in recent years India has experienced phenomenal economic growth and "as we reflect on the last seventy years of Indian history we can look forward to an exciting future." India and the UK recently held talks on wide ranging issues with senior officials and ministers visiting New Delhi and London respectively.

"As a champion for the UK's Indian diaspora, I want to mark this as an auspicious day of celebration for the Indian community here in the UK. The Indian diaspora has played a proud and influential role in British life, making positive contributions to their communities. They remain a cornerstone in helping the UK-India relationship flourish and reach its full potential," said Patel, adding, "For everyone who has a connection to India, Independence Day marks not only a momentous date in the history, but it is when we feel inspired by our rich history and take pride as we look forward to our future. I offer my warmest wishes and sincerest congratulations to all Indians as we celebrate our Independence Day."