UAE experiences rain, wind and snowy winter weather

UAE experienced snow or freezing rain over some of its mountain peaks over the weekend. Chilly temperatures are expected to persist across the country throughout the week, with the mercury expected to dip 4 to 6 degrees celsius.

Though the weather has improved,  fog formations have resulted in low visibility and rough to moderate weather at sea, with wind speeds that may reach up to 45 kilometres per hour by the coast, according to predictions by the National Centre of Meteorology.

Heavy rain, rumbling thunder, lightning flashes, strong winds, hailstorms and flooding were all experienced in the UAE over the weekend as the rains broke a 24-year record. 

Several areas in Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah were blanketed in sheets of white when it hailed for several minutes. Roads were flooded as were underpasses, parking lots and even the airports, resulting in flight delays and cancellations. 

Authorities deployed emergency workers and worked round the clock as did municipal workers who drained water, cleaned debris, opened manholes to drain water and cleared any residue on the streets. 

Dubai’s Transport Ministry received reports of more than 300 traffic accidents in 24 hours amid heavy rain, even as traffic advisories and cautionary notices were issued. 

Flights have resumed but passengers are requested to still check the revised times with airlines before leaving their homes, arrive at the airport three hours before departure and factor in sufficient time to reach the airport on time, as traffic is still not as smooth as it was before the rains. 

Along with the ensuing mess, the encroaching waters have left many in the UAE’s biggest city with huge bills and worries about insurance coverage for the repairs, damages and losses.