Two dozen songs, technical snags and an impromptu rendition mark Coldplay’s first night in Singapore

Singapore is the hottest music destination this year. Several top tier artistes, including Coldplay, will be performing in the country. Kick-starting the extravaganza, the British band performed at the Singapore National Stadium on January 23. It was the first of the six dates Chris Martin and his band played in the country. So how many songs did they perform and how did the night go? Let’s find out.

Chris Martin and his band Coldplay played in Singapore and seven years. This is from their January 23 perfor. mace at the National Stadium. Photo credit: Coldplay/X.
Coldplay in action at the Singapore National Stadium on January 23, 2024. Photo credit: Coldplay/X.

Formed in 1997, the four-member band is going strong. Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion are currently touring Singapore as part of their Music Of The Spheres World Tour. The last time they were here, it was seven years ago. As per reactions from the fans, Coldplay’s opening night did not disappoint. However, there were a few glitches.

The last time Coldplay toured Singapore was seven years ago. Photo credit: Coldplay/X.
The band performed in Singapore after seven years. Photo credit: Coldplay/X.

As per reports, Martin’s piano stopped working mid-show. A seasoned performer, the Brit managed to turn the obstacle into something meaningful as he did an impromptu rendition of the band’s The Scientist.

The song is generally accompanied by Martin’s smooth piano. But when it stopped, he teamed up with his guitarist Buckland to do an acoustic version of the song.

Not just this, the screen also glitched during the band’s rendition of Paradise. It formed the quartet to restart the popular song.

Apart from these, the Singapore concert also saw the lack of fireworks. While other Coldplay concerts have been accompanied by the stunning visual display, Singapore stuck to a digital display of the fireworks!

There were also issues with the sound, as per reports.

The band belted out 24 of their hits on the first night. They are: Music Of The Spheres, Higher Power, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Paradise, The Scientist, Viva La Vida, Hymn For The Weekend, Everglow, Charlie Brown, Yellow, Human Heart, People Of The Pride, Clocks, Infinity Sign, Something Just Like This, Midnight, My Universe, A Sky Full Of Stars, Sunrise, Sparks, Don’t Panic, Fix You, Biutyful, A Wave.

Before Martin and his men took the stage, Indonesian singer Jinan Laetitia and local talent Jasmine Sokko opened the show.

Coldplay was initially scheduled to perform in four gigs, but added two extra dates on January 30 and 31 to keep up with the demand. All their shows, i.e. January 24, 26, 27, 30 and the aforementioned dates, have been sold out.