Twitter’s ‘haha’ moment: Mumbai station gets a free ‘waterfall’, like what Changi airport in Singapore got for a billion dollars

The Internet has had a bit of amusement comparing a free ‘waterfall’ installed by Mother Nature at Byculla train station, Mumbai, with the billion-plus-dollar state-of-the-art indoor waterfall installed at Changi airport, Singapore.

A tale of twin waterfalls: (left) Byculla station, Mumbai; (right) Changi airport, Singapore. Photo courtesy: Twitter/@hvgoenka; Instagram/fourpointsingapore

The ‘haha’ moment on Twitter was shared by industrialist Harsh Goenka, who tweeted a video of the Byculla ‘waterfall’ and wrote that the suburban train station was “remodelled” on the lines of Changi. “Hum kisi se kum nahin (We are not less than anyone else),” he tweeted with a grinning face emoji.

Monsoon in Mumbai is traditionally a season of long, long weeks of perennial wetness, when rainwater seems to come at people from all directions. Stoic Mumbaikars — as the people of Mumbai are called — carry on with their daily lives nonchalantly amid the pelting rain and the flooded roads.

Singapore is a country that receives rainfall almost round the year, but in moderation. The Changi airport waterfall gets a lot of attention, being one of the most Instagram-worthy spaces in the picturesque island nation.


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The Changi airport waterfall was part of a project that reportedly cost SGD1.7 billion (USD1.25bn). Byculla station did not spend a single rupee!