Trump pushes NATO leader aside to get to front of the group

President of the United States Donald Trump is on his inaugural foreign trip, and yesterday he arrived at the brand-new NATO headquarters in Brussels for a summit with the other world leaders. 

In a video posted by CNBC's Steve Kopack on Twitter, he appeared to be shoving Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, aside to get to the front of the group. 

Trump had already made a few rounds of headlines on this first overseas trip as President.

First Lady Melania Trump appeared to have slapped his hand away when he reached out to hold hers in Israel; she subsequently adjusted her flyaway strands of hair at the timely moment when Trump's hands reached for hers as they disembarked the plane in Rome.

Just yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron surprised him with a forceful handshake, in which Trump tried to pull away from twice.