Treatments for vaginal infections recommended by gynaecologist in Kolkata

Vaginal infections occur when the vagina’s pH level is altered. Having a vaginal infection does not necessarily mean that a woman is sick. According to a certain study, around 50% of women will experience certain signs of vaginal infection at some point in their lives.

Women are prone to vaginal infections because of several reasons. So, it is important that you keep an eye on your vaginal health.
Women are prone to vaginal infections because of several reasons. So, it is important that you keep an eye on your vaginal health. Photo courtesy: Pixabay

So, if you are suffering from a vaginal infection, please note that it does not necessarily mean that you can not lead a productive life or that you will experience a painful or unhealthy sexual relationship. It is a common condition and can be easily treated with home remedies, lifestyle changes, and sometimes with professional help. It is all about making the right choices. 

A vaginal infection is a condition that occurs when the natural balance of the vagina’s pH level is damaged or altered. The most common cause of vaginal infections is bacteria or yeast. A bacterial vaginal infection is commonly known as bacterial vaginosis. This condition is not considered to be a form of the sexually transmitted disease, as it is rarely passed on from an infected sexual partner.      

Symptoms of vaginal infection

There are different types of vaginal infections, but the symptoms are pretty much similar. The common symptoms of vaginal infection include pain, itching, and swelling in the genital area. There may be discharge that can range from thin to thick, with an odor ranging from mild to strong. The symptoms often happen during or after sex, on periods, or following antibiotic use. 

If the condition worsens, the symptoms can be severe and may occur during sex and menstruation. Hence, it is advised to take necessary precautions while engaging in sexual activities. You must immediately consult your gynecologist and get a proper diagnosis done on your situation before determining the right treatment. It is essential to find the best gynaecologist in Kolkata who can look after your issue. 

Treatments for vaginal infection 

Vaginal infections can be easily cured as compared to many other diseases. Many times, the condition can be treated without seeking medical help. Some are so tame that they can be easily treated just by following proper hygiene. 

Normal vaginal infections can be cured naturally without medicines. However, If you think that your condition is serious, then you should rush to the best gynecologist in Kolkata. You can even take an online appointment to get treated by your gynecologist. An improved diet is helpful in clearing up infections. Here are a few points that will help to prevent the spread of vaginal infection.

  • When suffering from a vaginal infection, it is better to forgo sex. This will boost the treatment ensuring that you heal quickly while minimizing the risk of transmitting it to other women.
  • Douching is the method of washing and cleansing the vagina. Now, there is no harm in that. In fact, it is actually hygienic. But for women who suffer from vaginal infections, this really poses serious consequences. This is because bacteria and yeast love moisture. So, when you wash your vagina, make sure you properly dry it. Else, it will lead to making the infection a lot worse.
  • Eating yogurt and unpasteurised sauerkraut is beneficial in improving vaginal health and preventing infections. It is vital to add foods rich in healthy bacteria to your diet, such as probiotics that have lactobacillus.  
  • You should avoid dairy products that are fermented. It is important to keep a check on your consumption of fermented food. This can significantly lower your chances of yeast infection.
  • A few changes in your lifestyle can help you control vaginal infections naturally, for example following a healthy, hygienic regime and wearing the right clothing. Avoid covering your vaginal area with tight or synthetic clothing, which induces moisture and can increase the risk of infection.  


Women are prone to vaginal infections because of several reasons. So, it is important that you keep an eye on your vaginal health. Don’t feel ashamed if you have to seek professional help. In fact, you are advised to see a gynecologist if you have started experiencing the symptoms of a vaginal infection. Your gynecologist will be able to explain to you the reasons, risk factors, and treatment for the infection. Good vaginal health starts with yourself. Hygiene is important and your lifestyle can impact your vaginal health as well. This includes what you eat. Your diet should include all the necessary nutrients and probiotics. Experts suggest investing in a good quality vaginal wash that can keep your vagina clean and moisture-free. Also, avoid wearing tight clothing as it can lock in moisture.

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