Travellers in and out of Singapore from June 17 to pay for COVID-19 test and quarantine facility

All incoming travellers to Singapore from June 17, 11.59pm, will be subject to COVID-19 tests at the end of their mandatory Stay-Home Notice (SHN). They will also have to pay for both the test and the full cost of the SHN facility. 

Currently, the cost of tests and the cost of SHN facilities have been borne by the Singapore government. A COVID-19 test costs up to SGD 200, while a 14-day stay at a dedicated SHN facility amounts to SGD 2,000. 

Photo courtesy: Changi Airport
Photo courtesy: Changi Airport

As Singapore enters Phase 2 of the easing of circuit breaker measures, it is also taking steps to reopen borders by establishing green lanes with several countries.  

"We’ve established with China, and we are continuing our negotiations and discussions with other countries so as to broaden these green lane arrangements," said Minister Lawrence Wong.

With this, more travellers are expected to enter Singapore, and "we will want to move to a more sustainable position," he said, announcing the changes to border and travel measures at a press conference on June 15.

Travellers entering Singapore from Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mainland China, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam can serve their SHN at their place of residence instead of a dedicated facility. They will need to have remained in these countries in the last consecutive 14 days prior to their entry into Singapore.

"With the arrangements that we are putting in place, we do expect to have the ability now to allow more Long-Term Pass Holders overseas to return to Singapore," Wong added.