Timeless Tales; Theatre festival for all ages

The newest theatre festival of Singapore Timeless Tales raised the bar for local productions on a few levels; creativity, acting skills, variety, experimentation, and sheer entertainment value to name a few. 

Tushaar Kuthaiala, Associate Editor, Connected to India, captured the contrasts and the surprises beautifully: “Shakespeare and corporate espionage. Hindu Gods and apartment complexes. Timeless Tales is home to most unlikely pairings where classic cultural epics are retold with a contemporary twist.”  

Shalima Motial of Dream Catchers partnered with Anindita Ghosh of Arclight Productions to create Timeless Tales. The duo found great success in the festival’s debut year itself, selling six house full shows. 

Created with an idea of making theatre a family viewing activity, Shalima explains, “The idea was seeded in the desire to provide a space for families to bond through watching performances together and to drag kids away from digital screens.” 

Watch our interviews with some members of the Timeless Tales team: