Three police officers, two suicide bombers killed in explosion in east Jakarta

Three police officers and two suspected suicide bombers were killed in two explosions near a bus terminal in east Jakarta on Wednesday night, May 24, 2017.

The explosions happened a few minutes apart. Ten other people were injured, including police officers and civilians.

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The attacks happened at about 10pm Singapore time, at a Trans Jakarta bus stop near the Kampung Melayu terminal in east Jakarta. The street was next to the bus station in a working-class district of the capital.

National police spokesman Setyo Wasisto said that two suicide bombers had been involved in the attack and three police officers had died. "I have to convey my deepest condolences because three police officers died," he said.

‚ÄčIt was not clear who was behind the attack. However, a string of plots and attacks in recent times by militants inspired by ISIS had prompted Indonesia to be on high alert.