This is a different India that will meet all challenges, Jaishankar warns China, Pakistan

In a strong message sent out to neighbouring countries making trouble at India’s borders, Indian Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar said on a visit to Kampala, Uganda, today that this was a “different India”, and it would rise to all challenges to its national security.

Indian Minister of External Affairs Dr S Jaishankar in an interaction with the Indian community in Kampala, Uganda. Photo courtesy: Twitter/@DrSJaishankar

Jaishankar had a warm interaction with the sizeable Indian community in Uganda, in East-Central Africa, and posted several pictures from his Kampala event, tweeting: “Energized by the warmth of their welcome. Their contribution to Uganda and India-Uganda relationship makes us all proud.”

Referring to the cross-border terrorism sponsored by Pakistan and Chinese military posturing at India’s doorstep, Jaishankar said, “Today, people see a different India that is willing to stand up, an India which will meet its national security challenges, whether it is Uri or whether it is Balakot.” That was a reference to the 2016 Uri attack by Jaish-e-Mohammed militants from Pakistan against an Indian Army base, and the 2019 Balakot airstrike by the Indian air force in Balakot, Pakistan, against a terrorist training camp.

Jaishankar said about Pakistan, “Today, the forces which indulged in cross-border terrorism against India for decades and which India tolerated, they now know this is a different India and this India will give them a reply.”

About the border problems with China, the minister said, “For the last three years, in violation of the agreements, the Chinese have brought large forces.” But he warned the Asian neighbour that now the Indian soldiers “[have] full backing [of the state], they have the right equipment and the infrastructure”.

The minister added, “This is a different India which will stand up for its interests and the world will recognise that.”

Indian Minister of External Affairs Dr S Jaishankar at the Shree Swaminarayan temple in Kampala. Photo courtesy: Twitter/@DrSJaishankar

During his Kampala visit, Jaishankar also stopped at the Shree Swaminarayan temple. He later tweeted: “Blessed to visit the Shree Swaminarayan temple in Kampala. Prayed for peace, health and harmony.”