Things to know before you get a lab test in Bangalore

Lab tests are essential for a variety of reasons. They are required to make sure the patient receives the proper diagnosis.

They also help in determining how effectively a treatment is working. Additionally, they are used to gauge how well the patient is taking the drug. This is done by routine laboratory examinations. Liquid biopsies, stools, blood, microbiota, and urine samples are all subjected to laboratory testing.

With the ever-growing threats of diseases and changes in environmental conditions, the significance of pathology labs has grown recently.
With the ever-growing threats of diseases and changes in environmental conditions, the significance of pathology labs has grown recently. Photo courtesy: Canva

Given that more and more people are developing chronic illnesses and prefer to get evaluated for the same, it is not surprising that the need for lab testing has grown dramatically. If you search for pathology lab near me on the internet you will find hundreds of lab testing centres. In spite of the fact that taking a lab test is a great approach to learning about your health, it's crucial to research the lab where the test will be performed. See what you need to be aware of before you visit the path lab in Bangalore by reading the information below.

Lab accreditation

A laboratory that is accredited adheres to a set of standards and guidelines that ensure superior quality and lower lab mistakes. The two accreditations that are most frequently used in India are CAP and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) (College of American Pathologists). 

This NABL accreditation complies with all applicable international criteria. By doing this, it is ensured that the NABL lab maintains the same high standards of quality as all other labs that have achieved global accreditation. In order to be certified by NABL, a lab must follow strict quality norms, keep thorough records, and be subject to regular inspections and audits to ensure that the rules are being followed. Because it takes a lot of time and money, small laboratories might not adopt this procedure.

Lab review

You can search pathology labs near me on Google and get your full body examined for a very low cost. A fast Google search using the lab's name will reveal customers' actual perceptions of the facility and service provider.

A lab's service is normally considered respectable if it has a Google rating of four or better. However, make sure there are sufficient reviews. For some labs, the only reviews accessible may be a couple that the lab staff has written themselves. Due to the abundance of reviews, the ratings have more credibility.

Customer care

The lab you choose should have a specific customer care contact number, email address, and/or WhatsApp number, in case you need to get in touch with them with a query or a complaint. The lab must have transparent pricing, and it ought to disclose the price ranges for various tests or profiles online or in the waiting area.

It is possible to get a blood sample taken at your home in many laboratories. When utilizing such services, be sure to verify the technician's ID card and confirm that they are donning the essential personal safety gear, such as gloves, a face mask, a gown, and a face shield when required. You can search on the internet for pathology labs near me and can find out about their customer care services.

Collection centres

If you don't live close by, you can visit the collecting facility for a lab. Even though they are smaller and don't handle your samples on-site, these collection sites are still required to follow safety laws, which include guidelines for the proper disposal of lab waste, fire safety, and quality standards for sample packaging, storage, and transportation, among others. 

Additionally, you may be able to obtain the sample from some Collection Centers and the report from any other location. Path labs in Bangalore have many collection centers, you have to simply find the pathology labs near me on the internet and you can get access to your nearest lab center.


A laboratory is more trustworthy than one that is run solely as a business by non-medical staff if it is entirely managed by a qualified medical professional who is registered with the Medical Council, such as an MD Pathologist, or MD Microbiologist, Unqualified individuals running the labs might have an adverse effect on your reports. You face the risk of getting inaccurate reports whether you correctly prepare your sample or not.

Additional services

You can also inquire if the labs send reports by email or WhatsApp. You can ensure that your reports are saved in an electronic format by doing this, allowing for future access as needed. Technology has made it possible for laboratories to store and track electronic medical data.


With the ever-growing threats of diseases and changes in environmental conditions, the significance of pathology labs has grown recently.

Laboratory tests, which are essential in the practice of medicine, enable the diagnosis of a patient's ailment and the development of a treatment strategy. Path labs in Bangalore provide accurate results and are easily accessible. By typing "pathology lab near me" into Google, you can find a ton of results.

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