The passionate tutor: Divesh Shah

Five minutes into a discussion with Divesh Shah, you will start wondering when did you last meet someone as clear headed as the man in front of you. The characteristic has brought the math genius – a chemical engineering dropout – incredible success in the hyper-competitive Singapore tuition industry. 

Not the one to fan his ambition with expansion and great monetary success, Divesh never gives in to exaltation.

“VCs never like my answers,” Divesh, founder of Math Vision, said with a laugh. “When they ask me what is your vision for the future? I say, if my service to students and my clients was 99%, I want to make it 100%. Never talking about opening more centres or entering new markets – which is an answer they all expect.”     

In this @Work interview, Connected to India speaks to this self-made founder of one of the most sought-after tuition centres in Singapore on his undying passion for maths and inspiring the love for learning in others.