The accidental actress: Gayathri Segaran

Given her reputation for being extremely hardworking, it is no surprise to find that Gayathri Segaran is very much a Renaissance woman – someone who is not just proficient and knowledgeable in various fields, but also has a creative impact in them. 

In fact, despite having a Best Actress Award under her name, acting was an accidental pursuit. “My first love – which is still my favorite – is dancing,” she shared. She had stumbled into the acting field by accident when she was a backup dancer at Mediacorp. But such is a girl who embraces all the surprises in her path and excels in them. 

A mathematics major, Gayathri also hustles between her career on screen and tutoring kids in the subject. “I live maths, I breathe maths; and tutoring is a way for me to keep in contact with the mathematician in me.” 

Watch our interview with Gayathri as she talks about all the passions she live for, and just like us, be awed at how big her heart can be.