Thailand: Country one step away from legalising same-sex marriage

Thailand is inching closer towards approving the marriage equality bill. This, if done, will legalise same-sex marriage in the country. The development comes after the Thai parliament approved the first reading of four draft bills on the issue on Thursday (December 21, 2023).

The draft legislation was approved 369:10, as per reports from the Pattaya Mail. The news outlet reported that a committee of 39 members will be formed to ‘scrutinize the four proposed drafts’. Following this the second and final readings will be tabled.

In principle, this draft law is for the amendment of some provisions in the civic codes to open the way for lovers, regardless of their gender, to engage and get married.

Deputy Prime Minister Somsak Thepsuthin

“This will provide rights, responsibilities and family status as equal to the marriage between a man and a woman presently in all aspects,” Thepsuthin added.

96.6% public support

As per the Deputy Prime Minister, a government survey, conducted between October 31 and November 14 showed 96.6 percent public support for the draft bill.

Even though Thailand has a visible LGBTQ population, the country’s laws doesn’t recognise same-sex marriage as of now. If the bill is passed, Thailand will join Taiwan and Nepal as the third Asian country to implement the marriage equality bill.