Meet Singapore's new MasterChef winner Johnathan Chew

After months of challenges and an exhilarating final evening of culinary showmanship, dental student Johnathan Chew has been crowned...


Indian comedian Zakir Khan set to return to Singapore

LA Comedy Live welcomes back its first indian comedian Zakir Khan to Singapore on June 25 at the National University of Singapore.


Grew up exposed to socio-cultural diversity of South Asia, says ISAS director Professor Iqbal Singh Sevea

Singaporean-Indian Professor Iqbal Singh Sevea took charge as the director of the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) at National...

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Harvard tops US News Global Universities Ranking 2022; NUS, NTU 2nd and 3rd in Asia

The NUS and NTU ranked second and third in Asia in the Harvard top US News & World Report of the Best Global Universities rankings.


Incoming dean of NUS Law 'relinquishes appointment' 2 weeks after announcement due to personal reasons

Incoming dean of National University of Singapore Faculty of Law Professor Hans Tjio has relinquished his appointment for personal reasons....


NUS to offer cross-disciplinary degrees from next academic year

National University of Singapore (NUS) is transforming its educational model to give students the flexibility to pursue programmes across...


Singapore's former DPM S Jayakumar appointed Pro-Chancellor of NUS

The appointment was made by President Madam Halimah Yacob, who is also the Chancellor of NUS.


NUS develops tool to help Muslims with diabetes to fast safely

Researchers from the NUS have developed a tool named ‘Fasting Algorithm for Singaporeans with Type 2 Diabetes’ (FAST) to help Muslims...


Duke-NUS scientists uncover mechanisms of biological clock that could help with sleeping disorders

Scientists at Duke-NUS have uncovered mechanisms of biological clock that could lead to therapies for sleep disorders.


Increased golfing activities by developers lead to lower bids for land parcels: NUS study

According to a new NUS study, golf patterns of senior executives change significantly following the semi-annual releases of the...


New microsensor by NUS scientists is tiny enough to be injected under the skin

A team of Singapore researchers has developed a highly sensitive wireless technology that can monitor health indicators using microsensors...


Eminent Indian-origin financial economist appointed as MAS term professor at NUS

Eminent financial economist Professor Amit Seru has been appointed by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Monetary Authority...


NUS creates new metallic material for soft robots used in rescue missions

A team of researchers from National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed a novel method of creating a new metal-based material for...


Indian-origin researcher Ashok Venkitaraman to head NUS cancer research institute

Widely recognised for his contributions to cancer genetics and biology, Professor Venkitaraman is the currently Ursula Zoellner Professor of...


NUS launches first Asian Sikh studies programme outside India

To commemorate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, the Singaporean Sikh community in collaboration with the National University...


NUS food scientists give soy pulp a new lease of life – as healthy probiotic drink

Food scientists at NUS have found a way to give soy pulp a new lease of life by turning it into a healthy probiotic drink.


Singapore Airlines’ tryst with digital innovation a flightplan to become best airline again

To boost its technological capabilities and regain the title of the best airline, national carrier Singapore Airlines has partnered with...


Inaugural Singapore South Asian International Film Festival to start on September 1

Singapore South Asian International Film Festival (Sg.SAIFF), which is starting from September 1, organised a press conference today about...


Indian diaspora story is constantly evolving - Parag Khanna

Parag Khanna, a Senior Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore (NUS), is well...

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Chinese firm Mobike enters Singapore’s bike-sharing market

Chinese firm Mobike has joined the the growing bike-sharing service battle in Singapore. Mobike operates in 33 Chinese cities and competes...


The role of ISAS is to connect the global Indian diaspora with heritage

“How to connect Indian diaspora with heritage – because heritage is looking backward, and diaspora is looking forward. Between these two...