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Hillary Clinton


Barack Obama is more likely to greet me back than Hillary Clinton - Prantik Mazumdar

In view of a certain Donald Trump becoming the most powerful man on the planet using social media and messaging, we quizzed Prantik...

Singapore Spotlight - @work

Indian-American Tulsi Gabbard appears for cabinet auditions, may land key post

US President-elect Donald Trump has met the cabinet hopefuls at his Manhattan office tower on Monday and also outlined plans for his first...


Can Kamala Harris become the first Indian-American US President?

Kamala Harris has become the first Indian-American to make it to the august Senate in Washington DC and it may be quite a journey to the...

USA Analysis & Commentary

Braggadocious Trump is the President of USA

In one of the most shocking political upsets in the American history, Republican Donald Trump has beaten his Democratic rival Hillary...


Desi vs desi vs desi: Why US Indians are now electorally splintered

As US heads to elect a new president this week in what is arguably the most bitterly fought elections in recent memory, the situation is no...

USA Analysis & Commentary