Tech CEO shares struggles to register his company in Bengularu on X; thread goes viral

In an ongoing conversation on X which has gone viral, founder and CEO of a Bengaluru-based company Brij Singh highlighted the difficulties he faced in trying to register his company in the city. 

Singh said that he could not complete the company registration despite two months having passed and that he may “move back to the US”.

In his tweet, he also compared the learning experience in the Bay Area (San Francisco) to his struggles with company registration in India and cited specific reasons for his decision.

''Love Bangalore / India, but I have learned more in the last 3 days in Bay Area than I could in a month back home. Spent 2 months just trying to register a co in India & it's still not done. The problem-solution feedback loop from potential customers, Investors & even fellow founders is at a different level. The time may be coming for me to move back to the US. And I say this with a heavy heart,'' he wrote in the tweet.

Brij Singh. Photo courtesy: Linkedin
Brij Singh. Photo courtesy: Linkedin

Brij Singh’s LinkedIn profile states that has been working in the technology and finance sector in India and the US for 18 years. It also says that he is the Founder and CEO of Snow Mountain AI, a human/machine learning Autonomous AI platform.

While some supported his decision, others encouraged him to try a little more and change his strategy. Some shared similar struggles on the social media platform.

Replying to comments on the thread he started, he added that he was not giving up on Bengaluru entirely was just ''stating facts.'' He acknowledged the advantages of building a company in India for a global market.

''Umm not giving up on anything. Just stating the facts. There are lot of advantages in building from India for the world as well. One must learn to leverage whatever opportunities they can to execute and compete in a global market. That is the reality,'' he wrote.

One user said, ''Why would it take 2 months? I formed my LLP in a week. You have an issue of bad CA. Quite frankly you can register a company yourself and don't even need a CA. Takes a couple of days max.''

Another said, ''It's interesting how different environments can accelerate our learning experiences, isn't it? Your trials in Bangalore seem to have shaped you for the hustle in Bay Area, mirroring the universal human adaptability.''

A third added, ''You could perhaps ask a consultant or a CA to help you. We registered a company and all done in under two weeks. Personal views of course based on our own experiences. US / UK / EU are no match to India of today, on every aspect as per my own experience.''