Taylor Swift lands in Singapore, and National Stadium is all dressed up

The Taylor Swift touchdown in Singapore has happened — the pop superstar arrived on her charter flight on Tuesday evening, reportedly at 5.05pm.

Taylor Swift in Sydney
Music superstar Taylor Swift on stage in Accor Stadium, Sydney. Photo courtesy: Instagram/ taylorerastour

From Sydney, Australia, she flew into Singapore, her only stop in South-East Asia, for six concerts at the National Stadium, which is all dressed up for the ‘Eras Tour’ sensation.

Singapore’s hyperlocal news website Mothership reported that flight VJT993, a Bombardier Global Express jet, landed at Seletar Airport last evening. It took the Taylor Swift entourage about eight hours to reach Singapore from Sydney.

Classified as a “regional airport”, Seletar is mainly used for charter flights, including some VIP flights, and for flight training.

Singapore National Stadium
The Singapore National Stadium is all ready for music sensation Taylor Swift. Photo courtesy: X/@tswifterastour
Singapore National Stadium with lights
The stadium is hosting six Taylor Swift concerts between March 2 and 9. Photo courtesy: X/@tswifterastour

A post on X, whose facts could not be verified, said: “Taylor Swift has arrived in Singapore via a private jet at Seletar Airport. She was shielded by umbrellas as she was whisked off under heavy security to a convoy of cars.

“According to people on the ground, barriers were set up at the airport in preparation for her touchdown. Crowds were seen milling about and awaiting her arrival.”

This post was accompanied by an image that showed a person in a blue denim jacket and denim cut-off shorts, her face concealed by a partially unfolded black umbrella. More umbrellas created a visual barricade that would prevent photographs.

For the Australia leg of her tour, Taylor Swift performed in Melbourne and Sydney in the second half of February. Her March schedule in Singapore runs from March 2 to 9, with a 2-day gap between shows.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Taylor Swift to arrive in Singapore, and flight tracking apps let them know quite accurately when she would reach.

Even before the ‘Eras Tour’ concerts begin in Singapore — the government has proactively worked to not only host these Taylor Swift shows, but also to keep them exclusive for SE Asia — a series of related commercial activities are under way, taking advantage of the buzz around the singer.

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This is part of the expected surge in economic value generated by the Taylor Swift concerts. The global economic footprint of these concerts is measured in billions of dollars.

For a top tourism destination such as Singapore, the ‘Eras Tour’ is also the perfect vehicle on which to display its other attractions, the kind that will keep bringing visitors back all year.