Tata Communications IZO Multi Cloud Connect announces new features for enterprises to access applications from different clouds seamlessly

Tata Communications, a global digital ecosystem enabler, on Thursday announced new features in its IZO™ Multi Cloud Connect solution to integrate multiple clouds instantly, seamlessly and with flexibility.

Tata Communications IZO Multi Cloud Connect announces features. Photo courtesy: Tata Communications

"It is empowering enterprises with speed and intelligence by enabling next-gen digital businesses to get ready with an end-to-end, on-demand, real-time, reliable, and scalable multi cloud connectivity. These enterprises also get real time provisioning, pay-as-you-go usage-based billing and enhanced performance," the company said in a press release.

Through a single window, Tata Communications IZO Multi Cloud Connect offers enterprises an improved user experience while accessing their data, applications and content, it said.

It eases information technology (IT) operations of an enterprise to manage multiple cloud services with the ability to add more services on the go, providing complete visibility and management of the cloud traffic, the company said.

Hon Kit Lam, Vice-President, Core and Next- Gen Connectivity Services, Tata Communications, said: “Our IZO Multi Cloud Connect brings fast, seamless and intelligent connectivity for next-gen global enterprises helping them rapidly transform for a hyperconnected world.

"With our digital fabric, we stitch IZO Multi Cloud Connect into the existing digital architecture of the enterprise, improving processes and bringing operational efficiencies. We are empowering our customers with greater agility to connect their users, branches, data centres, applications, cloud and partners globally,” he said.

“A multi-cloud environment is a reality for enterprises today with mission critical applications moving to the cloud. Built on Tata Communications global network, IZO Multi Cloud Connect removes complexities and challenges associated with managing virtual connections and virtual network functions cost-effectively with end-to-end service assurance,” he added.

Oscar Martínez, IT Senior Network Architect, Clariant SE, said, “We have been partnering with Tata Communications, using their IZO™ Hybrid WAN to connect our sites to data centers.

"On moving 200+ applications from on-premises to the cloud, we needed a solution to connect our distributed cloud data centers over the internet, with performance like MPLS VPN.  IZO Multi Cloud Connect with virtual router capability provided predictable internet connections from our 100+ sites to business-critical applications in the cloud. Tata Communications has enabled our smooth transition to an internet-only network for our cloud transformation.”

Brian Washburn, Research Director, Omdia, said, “It’s not an understatement that everything is moving to the cloud. Tata Communications IZO Multi Cloud Connect mixes versatile connectivity options, fast and flexible capacity, ease of ordering and configuration, plus optional virtual network functions."

"It effectively serves site-to-cloud, data center-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud use cases. Enterprises may find the combination of IZO Multi Cloud Connect with IZO Internet WAN especially compelling as an option to migrate private networks to Internet with end-to-end, SLA-backed performance guarantees,” he added.