Pakistani agent holds Indian couple seeking to enter US illegally hostage in Iran: Reports

According to reports, a Pakistani agent is holding a young couple from Gujarat’s Ahmedabad city to ransom in Iran. They had reportedly planned to enter the US illegally, police said.

Country-based quota reason for Green Card delays for Indians: USCIS advisor

The country-based quota system is responsible for the exceedingly long wait times for Green Cards for people from India, China, Mexico and the Philippines, a senior US official said.

US lawmakers propose Bill to protect children of long-term visa holders

United States’ lawmakers have moved to reintroduce legislation that would offer immigration relief to children of long-term visa holders, a significant number of whom are of Indian-origin.

Kamala Harris’ remarks on immigration, end of Title 42 spark new political conflict

The political war between Democrats and Republicans over immigration issues continues, as Indian-American Vice-President Kamala Harris claimed the end of Title 42 is ‘going rather smoothly’ despite Republican border governors dropping off migrants near her own home.

Democrats propose Bill to eliminate country-quota for Green Card, reform H-1B system

The United States’ Democratic party introduced a Citizenship Act which, among other things, seeks to eliminate the country-quota for green cards and make changes in the much sought-after H-1B visa system.

Need to modernise H-1B Visa lottery system to counter fraud, abuse: US Immigration Agency

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) stated that the computerised drawing of lots devised to select successful H-1B applicants every year has resulted in abuse of the system and a sharp increase in fraudulent efforts.

New US Court ruling on H-1B visa may benefit bulk of Indian techies

A judge in the US has ruled that partners of H-1B visa holders, a significantly large number of whom are Indians, can work in the country, in a big relief to foreign workers in the American tech sector which has seen massive retrenchments.

‘H-1B visa cap for 2024 reached; successful applicants informed’

The H-1B visa cap for the financial year 2024, beginning October 1, has been reached and all successful applicants have been informed about it, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has said.

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