India recently unveiled the Aarogya Maitri Aid Cube, a portable hospital in Gurugram. Designed indigenously under the Project ‘BHISHM’, the modular trauma management and aid system is made up of 72 detachable mini-cubes, each being a specialised station for emergency response and humanitarian efforts.  It can handle bullet injuries, burns, head, spinal and chest injuries, minor […]

India sees sharp jump in COVID cases; over 7,000 recorded in 24 hours

India recorded a single-day rise of 7,830 new covid cases today, the highest in 223 days. Active cases in the country have increased to 40,215 according to data released by the Health Ministry.

India to hold nationwide COVID drills as cases spike

India reported a continuing spike in COVID cases, the government announced that a nationwide drill is planned today and tomorrow to review emergency preparedness of both public and private hospitals.

India reports spike in COVID rate; 5,335 cases in last 24 hours

Indian news: one of the largest spike in COVID rates in the last few months as the nation’s capital reported 509 fresh cases.

Mandatory test for arrivals from China: Health Ministry to states

India News: The Health Ministry has given a fresh six-point advisory wherein Mandatory test for arrivals from China due to Covid emergency amid rising cases in neighbouring China.

Singapore braces for more COVID tests as China eases curbs

Singapore News: Singapore healthcare providers are expecting a wave of travellers requiring pre-departure COVID-19 PCR tests in the coming months as China eases its border measures.

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