Singaporean street and modern art was the overarching theme during the Lodhi Art Festival last weekend. With extensive displays at Kona and murals on the walls of houses in Lodhi Colony along the road dubbed Singapore Lane

Meet The Dude: Eugene Soh’s Art An Eye-Opener For Indian Audiences

How long does it take to get to Mars? Well, if you’re with with Eugene Soh, almost instantly. Recognised as one of the most talented photographic artists in Singapore, Eugene combines perceptions of the contemporary realities of Singapore with his knowledge of digital art and media technologies to

In Pics: Singapore Weekender showcases the cutting edge of Modern ARtists

It was a colourful weekend that gave a whole new meaning to the concept of Modern Art. Highlighting the cross-cultural ingenuity of artists across Singapore and New Delhi, the Singapore Weekender of the Lodhi Art Festival provided a window into the world of innovative art.

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