Six easy ways to promote your tax company online this year

Tax season is just around the corner, which means your tax consultancy firm is poised for financial success! But if you want tax-tired Americans to come to you for advice and support, you need to know how to promote your tax consultancy firm online effectively.

Promote your tax consulting firm
All in all, promoting your tax consulting firm online involves leveraging several strategies and techniques. Photo courtesy: Connected to India

Good news – there are several ways in which you can do just that.

Get on social media

For starters, make sure to have a solid social media presence across multiple platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Create organised, attractive pages for your tax consultancy firm and make regular (i.e. daily or weekly) announcements so you are prioritized for certain keywords or hashtags.

As you get clients and customers, interact with them as often as you can. Not only does this build up a rapport and relationship with your initial customer crop, but it also shows that you’re a business that treasures each client it gets. This can be invaluable when a person is deciding between your tax consultancy firm and a competing company.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a digital advertising technique as old as the Internet because it works! With email advertising, you don’t have to draft individual ads each time you want to send a potential or current customer a message.

Email ads are sent automatically and can even be personalized or tailored for individual recipients from a core template. Email ads are great since they can be used to:

  • Announce special offers or opportunities
  • Tell people about your sweet deals and budget-friendly savings
  • Remind people that tax season is arriving or ending soon
  • Tell people about tax deadlines
  • And more

Email ads are great if you can acquire people’s email addresses. Fortunately, you can often do this by getting people to sign up for your website when they make a purchase.

Make digital flyers!

Digital Flyers can be just as effective as their real-world counterparts. Digital flyers can be sent remotely to both prospective customers and current clients alike, or you can attach them to the above-mentioned email ads depending on your preferences.

Regardless, you should consider creating customisable, high-quality graphic flyers using tools like PosterMyWall, which offers a wide variety of customisable financial service graphics. These are great for giving your business a bit of visual shine, especially if you have been relying on bare-bones ads so far.

Create an Optimised Website

Every business with an online presence needs a solid website, and yours is no different. With that in mind, take a look at your online space and revamp it for search engine optimization (SEO) and general navigability.

It doesn’t matter how effective your online ads are if, when people arrive at your site, they are faced with a poorly designed and difficult to navigate through space. Ensure that all of your links and buttons work properly and make it easy for people to sign up for some of your tax consulting services or products.

By creating an optimised website, you’ll also boost your chances of showing up at the top of Google’s search engine results for your targeted keywords. The better your website is, the more of a liking Google will take to you.


You can also practice a classic form of digital advertising using PPC or pay-per-click ads. In a nutshell, PPC ads are online advertisements you only have to pay for when someone clicks on them. They're traditionally used with search engines like Google Ads and Amazon.

These days, you can even put up PPC ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Naturally, PPC ads are only partially effective – they tend to have good performance when they are posted on websites or places where your target audience or future clients are likely to visit.

Therefore, you should use PPC ads carefully to avoid overspending or buying ads that aren’t worth every marketing buck spent on them. As your business grows, you can spend more money on PPC ads, too.

Set up a Google My Business account

Last but not least, consider setting up a Google My Business account. You should have already done this, but if you haven’t, do so now and make sure that the information included on your account page, like your business phone number, address, and so on is perfectly matched with other instances of this information across the web.

For example, if you have a business address on both Yelp and Google, make sure the addresses are identical. Having inaccurate information across multiple sites will make Google penalize you with search engine rankings, so people will be less likely to find your tax consulting firm.

All in all, promoting your tax consulting firm online involves leveraging several strategies and techniques. Try each of these tips together and you might just see a phenomenal turnout this tax season!