SingPost fined SGD100,000 for not meeting quality standards in 2017

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has imposed a fine of SGD100,000 on Singapore Post (SingPost) for not meeting the Quality of Service (QoS) standards in 2017.

Under IMDA’s Postal QoS framework, SingPost is required to deliver 99% of local basic letters to an address within the Central Business District (CBD) by the next working day. For destinations outside the CBD areas, 98% of local basic letters have to be delivered within the same period of time.

In May 2017, SingPost failed to meet the QoS standard for 99% delivery of local basic letters within the CBD by the next working day, IMDA said in a press statement on February 7.

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IMDA added that Postal QoS framework also requires SingPost to achieve 100% delivery of local basic letters and registered mail by the second working day. However, SingPost did not meet the requirements for the delivery of local basic letters by the second working day for five months. It was also unable to meet the required standards for delivery of registered mail for three months.

 “IMDA expects SingPost to deliver reliable public postal services to consumers and businesses, in compliance with its licence obligations,” said Ms Aileen Chia, IMDA’s Deputy Chief Executive and Director-General (Telecoms & Post). “IMDA has been closely monitoring the performance of SingPost’s postal services, and will take firm action against SingPost for any breaches of the public postal licence requirements and QoS standards.”

Ms Chia added, “The recent service lapses by SingPost indicate gaps in SingPost’s processes and we require them to implement measures urgently to meet the public’s evolving postal needs.”

IMDA is assessing SingPost’s QoS for 2018 currently. Results will be published by mid-2019.

Separately, IMDA is also investigating the incident of a postman discarding mail, which happened on January 29, 2019. Firm action will be taken against such behaviour as it is an offence under the Postal Services Act, the authority said.