SingPost deploys artificial intelligence to offer better delivery service for customers

Singapore Post (SingPost) is deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) on its regional logistics platform Last Mile Platform (LaMP) to enhance parcel traceability and reliability for customers. 

In a press statement on Monday, December 10, SingPost said the platform will be utilising  machine learning and AI route planning software from LogiNext.

The solution will allow LaMP to autonomously plot optimised courier delivery routes based on multiple factors. These include parcel destinations, customer preferences (such as “blackout” or preferred times for delivery), as well as real-time ground data including traffic and weather conditions.

This functionality will apply to all Southeast Asia markets covered by LaMP, SingPost said. 

Photo courtesy: SingPost FB
Photo courtesy: SingPost FB

LogiNext’s software is also able to analyse and proactively alert all stakeholders on courier movements.

Customers will receive an alert half an hour before their parcel arrives. This is especially convenient for customers in dense cities such as Bangkok and Jakarta, where generally only vague parcel arrival times are provided due to a myriad of reasons such as traffic jams and extreme weather conditions.

All of these factors will be dealt with from a single screen called the control tower, providing end-to-end visibility connecting multiple GPS tracking systems and APIs.

“At SingPost, we are great believers in using the latest technologies to improve customer experience. The introduction of AI into our next-generation LaMP platform will augment its already-considerable capabilities, translating to unprecedented convenience for our customers,” said Alex Tan, SingPost Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer.

“Our delivery route planning engine is the leading benchmarker in the industry. Couriers have much better-planned routes, so they can handle more parcels. It’s a win-win for everyone, SingPost raises its already high delivery agility and the customer gets a much better experience with it,” said LogiNext CEO Dhruvil Sanghvi.

SingPost and LogiNext are in the midst of integrating the route planning AI software into LaMP, and the integration is expected to be complete next year.

SingPost’s LaMP consolidates various last-mile delivery services, such as courier services, parcel lockers, brick-and-mortar collection points, onto a single platform. Being technology agnostic, the platform integrates services from different providers, affording unprecedented convenience for consumers and eCommerce retailers. Consumers may even redirect en-route deliveries to an alternative delivery node on the platform if and when required.