Singaporean powerlifter Farhanna Farid sets new world record with 209kg deadlift

Farhanna Farid of Singapore sets world record with 209kg deadlift
Farhanna Farid of Singapore sets world record with 209kg deadlift. Photo courtesy: X/@LawrenceWongST

Singaporean powerlifter Farhanna Farid has created a new world record with a 209kg deadlift in her weight class at the 2024 IPF World Powerlifting Championships.

Congratulating the champion, Singapore Prime Minister Lawrence Wong posted on X this morning: “Farhanna Farid discovered her talent by accident, lifting 140kg effortlessly at the gym. Now a competitive powerlifter, she set a world record with a 209kg deadlift in the Women’s 52kg class! Congratulations Farhanna! Thank you for blazing the trail, and flying our flag high!”

In a related post, Wong wrote: “We all have our own abilities and strengths. I hope Farhanna’s story inspires us to follow our talents, work hard at what we are good at, and strive to be the best possible version of ourselves.”

The 2024 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships (June 15 to 23) are taking place in Druskininkai, Lithuania.

Reporting on her latest achievement, said: “Farhanna Farid’s deadlift session started off with a surprise, as she missed her first attempt of 200 kilograms (440.9 pounds). So, her plans changed a bit, since she decided to try to lift the same weight on her second attempt as well. Luckily, the second attempt was more successful, allowing Farhanna to focus on her main goal.

“Ultimately, Farhanna Farid decided to take the risk on her final attempt, hoping to take the U52KG World Record. In turn, she loaded 209 kilograms (406.8 pounds) on the bar, exactly 0.5-kilogram (1.1-pound) over the record. As a means of completing the task, Farhanna combined a sumo stance and a mixed grip. With this, she was able to absolutely crush the lift and set a new record.”

A few months ago, in December 2023, the Singaporean had won gold at the 2023 APF Asian Classic Powerlifting Championships, held in Malaysia.

Farhanna Farid with her gold medal at the 2023 APF Asian Classic Championships
Farhanna Farid with her gold medal at the 2023 APF Asian Classic Championships, held in Malaysia. Photo courtesy: Instagram/farhannafariddd reported on the event: “The Asian Powerlifting Federation (APF) is a regional affiliate of the IPF…. Farid took the opportunity to extend the raw deadlift world record to 208 kilograms (458.5 pounds), finally hitting the four-times-bodyweight deadlift that she had been seeking.”

In July 2023, at the 2023 IPF World Classic Championships, held in St. Julian’s, Malta, Farhanna Farid had set an all-time world record raw deadlift of 203kg.

The Malta competition was a test of grit, as Farhanna had been experiencing a “shooting pain” in her back, and even minor movements triggered the pain. However, with the help of sustained physiotherapy and her own mental resilience, she lifted a new record weight, surpassing that of Evie Corrigan of New Zealand.

Following that win, Farhanna told the Singapore news outlet CNA that she was “was a jack of all trades, but master of none”, until she began powerlifting.

She said in the CNA interview that she was “very goofy” as a girl, and did not fit into the activities that her peers liked. “I felt like I always had this unbridled, unfulfilled potential and I didn’t know what it was,” she said.

In 2017, Farhanna, a dedicated runner, joined a gym with her partner James Barcelo to get better from her sports injuries. That is where she discovered her prowess with powerlifting. While taking part in a fun competition with others in the gym, without even being aware of it, her deadlift was above the national record of the time.

In 2018, she entered her first formal competition, and thus began a series of achievements.