Singapore zoo surprises penguins with obstacle course during circuit breaker

African penguins at the Singapore zoo were in for a surprise when they returned to their exhibition after a swim – their keepers have transformed the area into an obstacle course! 

In a post on social media, Wildlife Reserves Singapore said the initiative was to provide some fun and adventure for the animals, as well as help them build some leg strength.

Watch the cute video here:

The colony of penguins can be seen in the video emerging from the water to realise their home is looking quite different. 

They surveryed the obstacle course setup, which includes a ball pit, "slides", fences and sandy terrains, before a brave one decided to poke around. The others quickly joined in the fun. 

“Our African penguins have taken to their walks so well that their keepers think they would love to explore new areas in our parks," Wildlife Reserves Singapore said in its post. 

“To help them go further in their little adventures, their exhibit has been transformed into an obstacle course, helping them build leg strength!”