Singapore traffic: From April 1, red light cameras to catch speeding violations

From today, in order to improve motorist behaviour in Singapore, the city-state’s Traffic Police (TP) will progressively and dynamically activate the speed enforcement function in Red Light Cameras (RLCs) island-wide, especially at locations that are more accident-prone or violation-prone.

Singapore road speed limit sign
Speed enforcement function warning sign on a Singapore road. Photo courtesy: Singapore Police Force

According to news release from the Singapore Police Force (SPF), the activation of this function is due to the following reasons:

● The number of speeding-related fatal accidents increased by 83.3 per cent in 2023 compared to 2022, and the proportion of fatal accidents due to speeding increased to 25.2 per cent in 2023 from 17.3 per cent in 2022.

● The number of speeding violations detected by traffic enforcement cameras decreased by 28.6 per cent from 73,152 cases in 2022 to 52,237 cases in 2023. However, the number of speeding violations detected by police enforcement operations increased by 22 per cent, from 52,016 cases in 2022 to 63,468 cases in 2023.

The police data show that while traffic enforcement cameras are effective in deterring speeding violations, motorists still choose to speed at locations where they think no one is watching.

Like other fixed enforcement cameras, RLCs are prominently painted orange and white. They are accompanied by warning signs placed before the RLCs stating, “Traffic Police Camera Zone”, with the road speed limit sign above it.

Singapore red light camera
These orange and white red light cameras in Singapore now start being used to identify overspeeding motorists. Photo courtesy: Singapore Police Force

The list of RLC locations is published on the SPF website at

In its press release, the SPF said: “The Traffic Police would like to urge motorists not to speed, even in areas where there are no static speed cameras. Instead, TP encourages motorists to exercise graciousness and patience, drive with care, and abide by traffic rules. TP will take enforcement action against errant motorists who choose to flout traffic rules, including speeding.”