Singapore second most overworked place in the world, says survey

Out of 40 cities surveyed, Singapore employees have been ranked the second most overworked in the global index Best Cities for Work-Life Balance 2019.

Japan nabbed the top spot for the most overworked employees, and in the third place is Washington in the United States of America. 

Singapore was also placed 32nd out of the 40 for work-life balance. 

Photo: Connected to India
Photo: Connected to India

Finland’s Helsinki topped the chart in terms of providing the best work-life balance for its workers, followed closely by Munich in Germany and Oslo in Norway. 

According to the survey, workers in Singapore generally clock about 44.6 hours per week at work and begin their work day at 9.34 am. On average, they spend 44 minutes commuting to work and take 14 vacation days in a year.  

Published by tech company Kisi, the study assesses a city’s capacity to provide its residents with a lifestyle in which they can enjoy leisure time.  

The study looked at factors such as weekly working hours, number of vacation days offered, social spending, safety and happiness scores, as well as city stress scores.