Singapore: Households can obtain S$500 CDC vouchers from January 3

The government has increased the Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers to S$500 from S$300 in 2023. Households can claim their vouchers from January 3, 2024 onwards, as per reports.

Those eligible can go to to get their vouchers. Half of the S$500 can be used at eligible hawkers and merchants, and the other S$250 can be spent at participating supermarkets.

The new vouchers will be valid throughout the year, just like the previous ones.

The CDC vouchers given in January 2023 have already expired. If it remained unused, the amount can be donated until January 31, 2024.

Individuals can use to make their donations.

“The CDC vouchers would be donated to the charity in cash value instead of vouchers. Tax deduction may be provided by respective IPC, depending on the respective IPC’s policy on issuance of tax deduction, which will be reflected in the Year of Assessment 2025,” the website stated.

What is an IPC?

IPC or Institutions of Public Character is a status accorded to a registered charity or an exempt charity for a period of time. Apart from benefits in income tax and property tax enjoyed by registered charities, IPCs are also authorised to issue tax deduction receipts for the qualifying donations received.

As per the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, IPCs are required to conduct activities that exclusively benefit the local community and are not confined to sectional interests or groups of persons based on race, belief or religion unless the waiver is granted by Minister to allow otherwise.

Therefore, IPCs are not allowed to conduct overseas activities that benefit the overseas community.

Steps for donation

Go to to see the list of participating charities/IPC.

On the page, search by sectors or names of IPC using the search bar, click on their name and you will be directed to a FormSG.

Login via Singpass to pledge the entire balance of the household’s CDC Vouchers 2023 as of 31 December 2023 to the selected IPC. Donors may opt to receive an email confirmation of their declaration.