Singapore gears up to face terror threat through SGSecure

Establishing a strong channel of communication with citizens is crucial in managing and averting exigencies related to terrorism. SGSecure the mobile app launched by the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last year on September 24 is supposed to serve the purpose and is clearly doing the job. As per the latest figures the app has been downloaded more than 550,000 times on the mobile devices.

SGSecure enables the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to send alerts to the public in times of emergencies, and for the public to report suspicious activities.

Urging the tech savvy Singaporeans to help seniors download the app, Yaacob Ibrahim, Communications and Information Minister of Singapore, said, “Some of our seniors here may not be so familiar with the use of apps. So I hope those of us who are more digitally savvy can share with them what this app is all about.”

Yaacob Ibrahim
Yaacob Ibrahim. Photo courtesy:

The Minister was speaking at the Kolam Ayer Emergency Preparedness Day. About 1,000 residents participated in the programme. People were given the opportunity to equip themselves with skills such as CPR-AED and improvised first aid skills in the programme.

Urging the people to remain united and stand together in the fight against terror, the Minister said, “When an attack happens, we have to stand together and not spread rumours or untruths to cause distrust among our community. This will be playing straight into the hands of the terrorists’ goals. Their objective is to sow hatred and fear.”

SGSecure can be downloaded for iOS here: SGSecure for iOS and for Android phones here: SGSecure for Android