Biolidics from Singapore develops COVID-19 test kit that can detect virus in 10 minutes

Singapore-based medical technology company Biolidics Limited has developed a rapid test kit for COVID-19, which can detect the coronavirus with an accuracy of more than 95 per cent in 10 minutes.

The easy-to-use kit is able to detect COVID-19 through  serum, plasma or whole blood samples.

Biolidics said the firm has obtained provisional authorisation from the Health Science Authority (HSA) for its rapid test kit to be deployed in Singapore. 

Photo courtesy: Biolidics
Photo courtesy: Biolidics

The company has also entered into a manufacturer agreement with a diagnostic kit manufacturer to customise and manufacture the test kits, it said in a press statement.

Given the increasing concerns over the spread of COVID-19, there is a growing demand for a simple, fast and accurate solution to control and reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

"Utilising Biolidics’ rapid test kit, we can enable point-of-care testing for larger pool of clusters, resulting in more effective and efficient decentralized screening among suspected cases," said Dr Leong Man Chun, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Biolidics.

"With faster and accurate results, it can guide treatment decisions and further enhance public safety measures," he added.