Singapore events: Chaos Lab comes to Changi Airport in November with a wacky lab-themed experience

Changi Airport in Singapore, one of the top airports in the world by international traffic, has much to offer by way of entertainment for residents and visitors alike. This November, chaos will descend on Changi Airport — in a very good way — as the international event Chaos Lab makes its Singapore debut here.

The gigantic, colourful bubbling ball pit is one of the high points of Chaos Lab. Photo courtesy: Fever

Chaos Lab, which has had very successful runs in Sydney and Melbourne, the two global cities of Australia, is a one-of-a-kind, wacky lab-themed experience. The Singapore venue for the event is Terminal 2, Changi Airport, and the start date is November 4, 2023, aligned with the upcoming school holidays.

The illuminating AR Sand lets one dig in, build sand sculptures, and watch them light up with layers of colours, thanks to a motion sensor projector. Photo courtesy: Fever

This event is open to the public from November 4, 2023, to the second quarter of 2024 (exact date to be confirmed). Each session will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete, with ticket prices starting at SGD30 for children and SGD9 for adults (ages 13 and above). For ticketing information, visit the website of Fever, the entertainment discovery platform that is presenting Chaos Lab.

To purchase tickets, download the Fever app on Apple Store or Google Play, or head to the Chaos Lab website.

Meet the ‘mad scientist’ of Chaos Lab

Featuring 11 interactive activity stations that revolve around science themes and theories, Chaos Lab invites creativity to meet chaos in this fun experience. Guests are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild as they make their way through each activity as an ‘intern’ to Chaos Lab’s very own resident ‘mad scientist’, Dr Splat.

Meet the resident ‘mad scientist’ Dr Splat and his trusty lab assistants. Photo courtesy: Fever

A core highlight of Chaos Lab, Dr Splat will accompany visitors through the experience and invite them to explore the joys of creating, discovering, and playing as they revel amongst the fun-filled rooms and stations.

There’s the Gravity Wall, which empowers them to channel their inner Einstein and learn all about the laws of gravity; and the illuminating AR Sand where they get to dig in, build sand sculptures, and watch them light up with layers of colours, thanks to a motion sensor projector.

Lose yourself in a vibrant and attention-grabbing neon room. Photo courtesy: Fever

As Dr Splat’s interns, they will also get to work in a Slime Station to make their very own take-home slime. The experience ends off on a high with the Bubbling Ball Pit, where shoes are off and fun times are on!

Get happily sticky at a slime station. Photo courtesy: Fever

Special elements for Chaos Lab Singapore

The Singapore edition of this event introduces two brand new elements that visitors can look forward to — Dr Splat’s Chaos Lab and Pneumatic Pressure Pipes.

Dr Splat’s Chaos Lab kicks off the experience by greeting visitors with a symphony of vibrant light reflective murals, before they head to the Decontamination Tunnel to be safely ‘decontaminated’ and prepared before embarking on their ‘internship’.

The Pneumatic Pressure Pipes will put interns to a challenge as they watch clear, spiralled tubes transport balls that will be blasted out from above as they try to catch them.