Singapore Essay Writing Competition: Facts and How to Win It

Students wanting to master the art of essay writing need to practice constantly. You do not become a good writer overnight. One needs to spend plenty of time perfecting skills to produce good quality content that stands out. 

Every student should aim to surprise their tutor with their work because that is the only way to score higher. A well written essay will have a great intro, main body and conclusion with up to date information. Online essays from professional custom writing services is also a good thing to keep in mind for anyone who is struggling with the basic concepts of essay writing.

A student needs to show clever use of primary data, secondary data, presentation, understanding box the topic, formatting, argument and cite their references well. If a student does not deliver what their tutor expects, they can expect to fail or get a low mark. Many universities and colleges in Singapore run essay writing competitions where a student with the best essay wins a prize. 

This is done to promote creativity as well as challenge a student to produce the best work possible. Essay writing has a few interesting facts one needs to be aware of especially if they are thinking of entering a competition. 

Singapore essay writing competitions facts

  • Singapore essay writing competitions are open to every student as long as they meet the criteria. Just like many other essay writing competitions in other countries, there are a few interesting facts worth pointing out.
  • Essay writing competition allows students to show their skills to leading industry members. Whenever an essay writing competition is held, industry leaders are in attendance and it is a chance for students to shine and show their skills to them. At the same time, if a student is looking for any tips that might help them going forward, they can ask an expert who's been there and done it all.
  • Essay writing competitions allow students to share their ideas with leading figures. Just like the point above, not only will students get a chance to show some of the world’s elite figures their skills, they can also share suggestions and ideas with them. 
  • Essay writing competitions allow students to rub shoulders with some other intelligent young minds. While there is a prize to be won by the student who produces the best content, a student can rub shoulders with other bright minds. They can share tips and tricks on how to be the best they can be in the future. 
  • Essay writing competitions have a grand prize to be won. The students who stand heads and shoulders above the rest are given a prize and this varies from college to college. 

How to win a Singapore essay writing contest 

At the end of the day, someone has to win this writing contest but how does one go about winning it, below are a few tips every student must follow.

  1. Know the rules of the essay writing competition. If you want to win this contest, it is important to read through the rules and understand them perfectly. Failure to understand when the smallest details can end up costing you.
  2. Keep the key information about the competition in mind. You need to know the start and end date, word count, theme and what the judges are looking for. Knowing these could be the difference between winning and losing.
  3. Write down the ideas of your essay on a piece of paper. The one mistake that many people make when it comes to essay writing competition is to begin the writing process right away. It is a good idea for one to brainstorm their ideas and pick the ones that are unique and give them the best chance to win.
  4. Choose an essay theme that fits the competition. Carrying on from the point above, once you have your ideas laid out, choose the one that fits the theme of the competition. This act alone, though simple, gives you a massive chance of winning. 
  5. Grab the reader’s attention. Any writer knows that the first sentence is always crucial when it comes to getting a reader's attention. To win an essay writing competition, one has to make sure that their first sentence is powerful, engaging and grabs attention.
  6. Look at the structure and flow of the essay. When you’ve written your piece, make sure it flows smoothly and the grammar is correct. Proofread it and iron out any spelling mistakes to make it as perfect as possible. Don’t forget to hit the word limit. 
  7. Don’t mix your competition essay together with your other college essays. When you have finished writing your competition draft, put it away and out of sight. Do not mix it with all your other pieces because you can end up submitting the wrong one by mistake.