Sikh charities in the UK provide food to truckers stranded at France border

Sikh organisations in the United Kingdom are stepping up to help thousands of stranded truckers at the UK-France border by providing them cooked meals. Over 2800 truckers have been stranded after France closed its border with the UK following the emergence of a new strain of the coronavirus in Britain. 

Charities like Langar Aid, Khalsa Aid as well as members of the Sikh community in various areas of England have taken on the task of providing these truckers with food. 

Langar Aid, which is based out of Coventry has been sending food packets with rice and lentils. Other charities have been making sure that the drivers receive food, water as well as medication. 

Khalsa Aid has been providing hot meals and water to drivers stuck in Kent. The charity has also been raising awareness of the stranded drivers’ plight and asking for donations as part of ‘Operation Stack’. 

France is one of over 50 countries, including India and Singapore, that has banned travellers from the UK after the discovery of a new, and possibly more contagious, strain of the novel coronavirus. 

UK Prime Boris Johnson and France’s Emmanuel Macron are reportedly in talks to sort out the situation at the border.