SIA flights disrupted as Pakistan closes airspace due to India-Pakistan conflict

According to media reports, a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight has been canceled, and three others due to the closure of Pakistani airspace.

The closure was due to rising tensions and air strikes involving Pakistan and India, Today said in a media report on Wednesday, February 27. 

The  canceled flight SQ325 was due to depart Frankfurt at 9.55pm (Frankfurt time) on Wednesday and arrive at 5.15pm (Singapore time) on Thursday, February 28. An SIA spokesperson told Today that passengers will be transferred to other airlines. 

Photo courtesy: SIA
Photo courtesy: SIA

On the other hand, SQ326 which is flying from Singapore to Frankfurt, will stop in Mumbai for refuelling before heading to the German city.  This is provided that the aircraft is able to arrive in Frankfurt before the airport’s curfew. 

Two of Singapore Airlines’ direct flights to London were also rerouted, and will be making unscheduled stops for refuelling. The SIA spokesperson commented that SQ308 will stop in Dubai for refuelling while SQ318 will do so in Mumbai before going to London. 

All other flights that travel over the affected airspace will be rerouted, said the report by Todayonline, but are “due to operate as scheduled at this point”.