Shah Rukh Khan – “Proud of the diaspora”, “Raees will cut across genres”

Photo courtesy: Red Chillies Entertainment

Mehboob Studio, which has given the world many legendary movies including ‘Mother India’, was abuzz with excitement on January 17.

King Khan was in the studio meeting press from India and doing phoners with media across the world, moving from one floor to the other. Appointments were running behind schedule but no one minded. Because the 5, 10 or 15 minutes Shah Rukh Khan spent with you are dedicated to you. His attention always unwavering and answers honest.

We spoke to Shah Rukh about why do people across the world love him so much, about his forthcoming movie, ‘Raees’, which hits the big screen on January 25 world wide and had some fun picking up winners of the ‘Raees’ contest.

Here is the three part interview with one and only – King Khan.  

Part I: Shah Rukh Khan on this fans across the world.

Part II: Shah Rukh Khan on Raees

Part III – Shah Rukh Khan answers fan's question and picks winners