Shadow Assassins: A dark, gritty tale of communal violence and revenge

Highlighting the bloody events in Assam during the turn of the milennium, award-winning director Nilaanjan Reeta Datta's upcoming feature 'Shadow Assassins' is sure to draw a huge crowd. 

The star cast: Anurag Sinha, Hemant Kher, Rakesh Om, Rohit KP, Monuj Borkotoky, Violet Nazir Tiwari, Ranjita Boruah, Director Datta and DOP Gragey Trivedi held a press conference to release the movie's trailer today in Mumbai. A song sung by the evergreen singer Javed Ali ‘Aas Ka Sooraj’ was also displayed to the media.

The movie also stars Singapore-based actor and show host KP Sandhu, who said he was excited about exploring the depths and complexity of his character.

The film, produced by Datta's label, Finchbill motion Pictures, is a crime thriller loosely based on some true events that shook Assam in the 90s. Shadow Assassins is the story of Nirbhay Kalita, a young ambitious boy from 90’s Assam. He is sucked into a journey of vengeance as his whole family is assassinated by unknown assailants on a fateful winter night. He gets dragged into the chain of violence and a path of darkness engulfs his dream.

Director Nilaanjan Reeta Datta said while addressing the media, “The story of Shadow Assassins is based on true incidents. I have known a few people who have been through this and I was planning to do this for a very long time. I'm thankful to my team for their incredible support.”

Datta is a two times National Film Award winner, the highest award for cinema in India and a graduate from one of the oldest and prestigious film school of the world, Film and Television Institute of India, (FTII). He joined hands with Navnitaa Sen, Rahul Kapoor and Sid Mahajan to form Finchbill Motion Pictures.

Rahul Kapoor has been involved with film distribution for a decade now. One of the most challenging area of content business is to ensure that a film after being created by it’s creators reach its target audience to realise its market potential, and more often than not this where most content gets lost. Rahul said his main role is ensuring that each and every tale narrated by Finchbill reaches its target audience without fail.

Produced by Siddharth Mahajan, Anil Goswami, Rahul Kapoor, Navnita Sen, Shitiz Jain, and Nilaanjan R Datta, the film is set to be released on the big screen on December 9, 2022.

Connected to India spoke with the stars and makers of 'Shadow Assassins'. Click below to watch excerpts from the interaction