Seven Indian-American students among the 2017 Truman Scholar finalists

Seven Indian-Americans students have been selected among the 199 Truman Scholarship finalists by the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.

Highly competitive federal scholarship granted to the U.S. college juniors, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation announced its 2017 Truman Scholarship finalists on February 24. Students were selected based on their records of public service, leadership and academic achievement.

Shreya Ganeshan of the University of Georgia,
Shreya Ganeshan of the University of Georgia. Photo courtesy:

As per the foundation, before settling on the 199 students from the 136 institutes, it had reviewed 768 potential scholars from 315.

The scholarship finalists include Shreya Ganeshan of the University of Georgia, Anjali Misra of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Samarth Gupta of Harvard University, Megan Patel of Georgetown University, Maya Durvasula of Duke University, Manju Bangalore of the University of Oregon, and Anjana Murali of the University of Pittsburgh.

The list of scholars will be announced on April 21 after a foundation regional review panel will interview the finalists from March 3 till April 7.

To inspire and support Americans from diverse backgrounds and from across the United States to public service, The Truman Scholarship Foundation was established by former President Harry S. Truman.

Many scholars go on to serve in public office, as leaders of non-profit organisations, as prosecutors and public defenders, and as educators.

The foundation launched two new programs in 2013 – Truman Democracy Fellows and Truman Governance Fellows.